Desire and Winter Birds (2006) was written for and released on the Tell-All Records series Twelve. It uses samples, field recordings, contact microphones, turntables, and live instruments. It revolves around a single note, with additional sounds sparking off of it. A combination of stasis and movement, the piece’s tension and charge comes from trying (and never quite succeeding) to maintain one note. Total Time: 11:15.


San Francisco-based Tell-All Records is a young record label striving to create experimental music that’s exciting and stimulating to the ears. Or, to put it in their own words, “to find important, careful, ecstatic, moody, reckless sound.” ...Their latest endeavor is a 3” CDR series called Twelve, curated by musician Dave Zohrob. The ambitious concept behind it is to have 12 different musicians record pieces built around the notes of the chromatic scale. Each piece can only use one note, in octave, but other than that the musicians have free reign. The results so far have been fascinating.

Ohio-based sound artist Brian Harnetty’s contribution is called Desire and Winter Birds. He uses d-flat as the central note, but surrounds it with spliced-up field recordings, jazz samples, an announcer’s voice from a nature program, and much more. Because of that you’re not as aware of the note, though it hangs over the somewhat schizophrenic goings-on as a theme, a mood, a feeling. ...Thus far, each of the five participants in the Twelve series has taken a unique artistic approach to the project—each recording has been its own adventure, its own surprise. I eagerly await upcoming releases in the series!
— Dave Heaton, The Big Takeover