American Winter [PDF score]

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American Winter [PDF score]


American Winter (2007)
26 pages, digital PDF download

1. The Night Is Quite Advancing (4:39)
2. It May Be Wintry Outside Tonight, But Inside (0:17)
3. I’ll Cross The Briny Ocean, I’ll Cross The Deep Blue Sea (3:25)
4. I’ll Have To Go Off And Be Gone Tonight (3:55)
5. As I Lay On The Prairie, And Look At The Stars (0:47)
6. The Famous Goldfish Bowl (Which Is Really Just A Huge Jar) (3:14)
7. “That’s Drunkard’s Dream, Nearly Everybody Knows It” (3:39)
8. Instrumental With Fiddle And Harmonium (0:39)
9. While Pacing A Garden, I Paused For To Hear (I Listened A Moment, Then Turned Me To See) (3:37)
10. “I Was Interested In The Story You Just Told Me About The Funeral” (5:01)
11. In London City I Used To Dwell (2:12)
12. Speaking To The American Farmer (1:09)
13. “Thank You, Vern Henson” (0:38)
14. I Am On The Gospel Highway (My Heart Has Brought Me Home) (4:47)
15. The Soldier Pulled Off His Uniform Of Blue (6:43)
16. Soon We’ll Reach The Starry Sky (3:17)
17. “We’ll Look For You If We Come Back” (0:44)
Total Time: 41 minutes

Prepared piano
Toy Piano
Archival samples

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