How to Stop Smoking (2004-6) is a sound collage that draws from  early 78s, field recordings, children’s records, and self-help tapes. The album begins with the listener slipping into hypnosis to end smoking, and quickly expands to a commentary on energy use and our addiction to fossil fuels. Throughout, it draws a link between the smoking industry’s cover-up of its health effects, and the fossil fuel industry’s cover-up of global warming today. The overall feeling of the album is a sound world of lonely bars, after-school specials, and late-night television, all filtered through a troubled, hypnotized, unconscious state. The piece uses samples, four turntables, tape recorder, keyboard, and electronics. Total Time: 44:13.

1. Stopping Smoking (0:31)
2. Electric Arc Overture (1:00)
3. You Can’t Be True, Dear (0:47)
4. So Right (2:10)
5. Anne and Abe (2:03)
6. Secret (1:09)
7. Last Cigarette (3:58)
8. Cambodia (4:40)
9. Fool’s Coal (3:24)
10. Jesus and Me, Smoking (3:46)
11. Fool’s Oil (3:49)
12. Mac, George, and Joe (4:23)
13. The Energy Wars (12:00)