One Word (2005) is a quiet, slowly unfolding ambient sound installation comprised of 12 recordings of piano, heard through speakers placed throughout the room. Beginning with a single note, It gradually grows into unpredictable rhythms and melodies that float across the room from speaker to speaker. It was first performed in July, 2005, while I was an artist-in-residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts in California. Total time: 27:00.

During the residency, I made a number of field recordings of environmental and animal sounds. One night, I stayed up until dawn recording the frogs surrounding a pond. The frogs' patterns of emergence and disappearance––from a single sound to a chorus, and then tapering off as the night ended––was loosely transcribed in the piece. The listener is gradually aurally disoriented, with the piece blurring the distinction between live and recorded sound.