RENDER (2009)

I provided sound design for Render (2009), a collaboration by Claudia Esslinger, Julie Brodie, and Katie Furlett.
Claudia Esslinger's comments: "Render is a video that explores the idea of 'confinement.' A performer interacts with a small space and costume that yield to her probing, revealing her pregnancy. Her movements are simultaneously futile and productive, amplified by the editing process. Wall fragments peel away and the waxy dress tears as the performer is revealed.  The allusion to historical responses to pregnancy and birth compound the general restrictions implied in the piece.

Render is performed by Julie Brodie in a set designed and constructed by Katie Furlett.  Sound is composed by Brian Harnetty. Costume, camerawork and post-production is by Claudia Esslinger. The piece is in honor of Evie, Henry and Maitena, all born in the year of production.”